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4171 US 422 - Southington, OH 44470

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Trilogy offers a peaceful, purposeful and unique space for your team or staff to step back, rest, restore and be renewed for a day or overnight(s) retreat.  You have access to our conference area, social "living room", outdoor amenities, and use of our guest cottage, if you desire full privacy. We also offer an array of sessions to help your business or organization's staff grow together for the common good of the team. Day retreats, as well as multi-day reflections are available. An array of speakers and topics are available to get the most out of your experience.


Restoring the value of family has always been our #1 mission as a ministry. Allow us the  opportunity to meet you & your family members where you are in faith, as you reconnect.  

We can be as distant or involved in guiding your time. We believe in helping people with their goals, allowing your family to share the love of faith together and seeing God's goodness at work in each others lives.


Thinking about marriage? Renewing your marriage? Wanting a faith-based couples' getaway? Trilogy is a place that can provide a very special environment to not only physically be together, but to spend time sharing in meaningful conversation. Guided couples retreats and related experiences will walk you through the steps needed to help get your relationship to the place you want it to be.



We pay special attention to the one-on-one needs our guests might be seeking. During your stay, you can request private spiritual direction, life coaching guidance, or simply ask for suggestions of materials that might make your stay more fruitful. We are here to help meet you on your journey. Additionally, throughout the year, the Faith and Real Life Team will host a variety of retreats to connect with those desiring personal growth.  


Your special event is important to us! If you are looking to gather 60 people or less, Trilogy has the space you will need to gather either indoors or outdoors. A beautiful area under our Crimson King Maple tree next to the lake makes the perfect place to exchange vows. If you are looking to celebrate other big special events, Confirmation or Communion gatherings, or even a small family reunion, let us help you plan a day people will talk about for years to come.

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