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I’ve never been on a “retreat…” What IS it and What Do You Do?

The word “retreat” has a few different meanings, all of which relate to some kind of getaway.

For some it might mean to get away to, a): a secluded retreat – a place of rest and relaxation.

For others it might mean taking a getaway for, b): a period of time and for a specific purpose – going on a weekend retreat of prayer and meditation as a powerful way to process what is happening in your life.

No matter what your reasons for taking a little time out from your regular routine, the important thing is that you force yourself to do it. No time is really convenient, but it will be the best gift you ever give yourself, especially when you find yourself overwhelmed and burnt out from life.

Now that we have various styles and definitions to help us think about ways our soul is looking to detach for a short while, let me give you a sample of how a day on retreat could be spent:

  • Wake up to a home cooked breakfast of eggs, sausage and waffles or possibly a healthy smoothie.

  • You can exercise in our fitness room or take a walk on our 14 station reflection trail to focus on the things your heart is calling out to think/pray on.

  • Lay in the hammock in our screened in porch and read a book or take a nap.

  • Another quality, home cooked lunch of comfort food. (we take our menu seriously 😊)

  • Season permitting, you can go lay out by the pool or take a dip on a warm day. Floating and reflecting as you stare at the clouds in the sky. Or year round, you can enjoy a relaxing time in our indoor hot tub.

  • Some retreatants request one-on-one personal guidance or spiritual direction with a member of our ministry team.

  • Conversations with the Trilogy team often garner afternoon reflections that can be spent by an indoor fireplace or down in our prayer garden at the lake’s edge, listening to sounds of our 20 foot fountain.

  • Time to eat again, this meal is optional, so it can be spent at the house, in your room, or out at a local restaurant.

  • The evening is just a chance to relax, think about improving ourselves toward personal goals, or maybe write notes to loved ones in gratitude.

  • Time for a peaceful night’s rest in the quiet of our cottage or private first floor guestrooms.

Or for some, a retreat day can look as simple as this:

  • Wake up – eat

  • Do nothing, relax in your favorite way and enjoy nature.

  • Sleep

  • Sit in a rocker, by the fire, or on a raft and do nothing.

  • Sleep

  • Eat

  • Go to bed

Again, a retreat doesn’t have to be just for yourself, you can always bring your partner and take a couples retreat together for a common purpose or just to celebrate a milestone. How about your family? Maybe it would be good to unplug and just listen to the needs of each other to connect in ways you haven’t taken the time to do in a while and strengthen your unique bond or faith your family shares together. Also, groups and organizations need a beautiful peaceful place to have an evening retreat or hold an event. It could be a much needed work-related day retreat for your team to get out of the office and do some development on neutral ground. The best part is that our team will help you make the most of your time on the property!

Here at Trilogy, we offer a number of ways you can spend your day on location or potentially visiting nearby parks and attractions – One thing I can tell you is that no two retreats are the same. I’d say we offer both the private setting to retreat on, with 24 acres of woods and water for opportunities of rest and relaxation, but also have many opportunities to come for prayer or meditation, or for any specific purpose, and for as long as you need.

~ Aimee Wasinski


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