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Making Your Lent Meaningful: Add something new to your practices.

Whether you observe the spiritual practices of Lent or not, you can benefit from time away for an important “reset” every now and then throughout the year. About this time, you might be feeling disappointed that you haven’t quite kept up the New Year’s resolution you felt pressured into making. Sometimes as we move through to the end of the winter season, we feel as if something is missing, or just plain have an unsettled feeling somewhere in our lives. Lenten practices can have a huge impact on us because of where on the calendar this season falls. Relative to faith, the time in Lent offers all of us a chance to self-evaluate, while helping those who observe it to be transformed.

Beginning “Ash Wednesday” many Christians around the world entered into the season of Lent - a 40-day period of reflection, repentance, and renewal leading up to Easter. Different denominations observe Lent in varying ways and for traditional reasons, but all include practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving in some form. No matter the religion, traditions and suggested activities are done in an effort to help the believer create an awareness of personal weaknesses, strengthen their faith, and ultimately grow a closer relationship with God.

I heard a pastor once say you could look at Lent as an opportunity to make a “spiritual New Year’s resolution” for 40 days to help you refocus on where your heart is asking you to pay attention. Pausing to take time to really think about how Lent is not just something you have to do, but instead becomes something you desire to boost your accountability and be changed for good. If you typically observe some type of Lenten practices I can imagine the question, “What are you giving up for Lent this year?” is a popular topic of conversation in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday. Then it begins: racking your brain to quickly come up with something to make your sacrifice “count”. Do you go with the more popular things like giving up desserts, salty snacks, or soda? That’s certainly challenging for many of us. Maybe it’s not food but giving up things that eat up our time like social media, TV, or the new favorite binge-watching streaming shows? All of these things are fine options, but will giving them up make your Lent more meaningful and bring you closer to God? Probably not, unless you take the time to ask yourself if those things are really what’s keeping you from a relationship with God.

Trilogy prayer garden, fire pit lake view at sunset

So, how can we help you be transformed?

Faith and Real Life - Let Me Be, Ministries opened the Trilogy Retreat Property to meet people wherever they are on their faith journey and walk with them in a unique way to bring hope in their lives through faith. One of our favorite things is finding unique opportunities to give people a chance to get away and be renewed.

Trilogy’s planning team is now offering special Lenten Day or Overnight Retreats where you can choose a self-guided or staff directed agenda that will feed your soul in a way you never expected. These two types of Lenten Retreats include prayer resources, Taize style meditations, reflection questions based on the daily scriptures, one-on-one spiritual direction, a meal, and indoor/outdoor pilgrimage options for around the property and main house.

We know this time will give you the much-needed chance to make this Lent more meaningful for you individually, for you and your partner or family, or maybe even time together with a group you belong to. We are here ready to serve you on your journey.

~Aimee Wasinski


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