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Staff Spotlight: “Now who takes care of all this?”

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

One of the top 5 questions we get asked when giving tours of the retreat property is, “Now who takes care of all this?”. Many people are surprised when we tell them it’s just three of us working for the ministry (LMBM Inc. which owns the Trilogy property) who somehow manage to get it all done. So, the other day, as I was showing guests around, I thought it was about time to introduce ourselves and share a little background about our ministry, our team, and how we got here.

I am Aimee Wasinski. I have two young adult children and have been married to Greg for close to 30 years. I enjoy all kinds of creative projects: from photography to fun themed desserts and event planning! I am also a professional singer (since the age of nine when I did my first professional musical) and I love being a cantor for Sunday Masses, for weddings, and funerals too. Over the last ten years I have worked in the office at our home church in several different roles. In October of 2022, I transitioned into working at the Trilogy property full-time planning events, and welcoming, guests as the Director of Hospitality along with,

Greg Wasinski, who is my very thoughtful husband and better known as “The Bee Man” to many. Why the Bee Man you ask? Well, I’ll try to give you the abridged version. Sixteen years ago, after coming back to his faith, he had a devastating business deal fall apart - we lost everything except our home. Greg hit rock bottom and our family was struggling. He turned to our church community and slowly found strength in focusing on God and by getting involved at church. Greg began telling his story of conversion to various groups and people were truly inspired by his message of hope found in faith. Through word of mouth, he would speak at different churches and to varying groups of people of all ages. He was volunteering as a group leader for 8th grade students who were learning about their faith before being confirmed in our church and that’s where he began working with,

Libby Peterson, was the Youth Minister at our church. She is a graduate of the University of Dayton, with a bachelor’s degree in theology and a master’s in early childhood education. Libby is a retreat leader, teacher, and dedicated friend who loves to read and exercise regularly. All those years ago she also heard Greg tell his story and saw the unique impact he had on his students and even the parents. As Greg began to feel a call into full-time ministry, and after a unique personal retreat experience, that’s when Let Me Be…Ministries (LMBM Inc.) was born! Libby offered to help in any way she could and became the LMBM Inc. Event Coordinator.

While we each have specific areas of focus, we work together to make people feel welcome and make sure they have what they need for a purposeful meaningful retreat experience at Trilogy. Along with being the Director of Let Me Be Ministries & Trilogy Retreat programs and marketing, Greg also looks forward to his prayer time while cutting the grass, tending to the pool, and getting the outside ready for guests. He also manages property projects too. Libby primarily handles on-the-road ministry event scheduling and keeps the ministry organized and I promote and coordinate Trilogy guests and retreats.

We are a small team but when needed, it’s all-hands-on-deck in everything. Libby and I work in tandem on gardening duties, housekeeping, meal preparation, serving, also retreat planning and assistance. Basically, anything and everything needing to be done. I also must say - we are so grateful for all the volunteers and supporters who help *Let Me Be Ministries (LMBM Inc.) and at the Trilogy Retreat property to further the mission of serving others, which is why we do what we do; to show people where faith & real life come together!

You still might be wondering about “The Bee Man” title and how the Bee logo came about. Towards the beginning of Greg’s traveling for ministry work, one of our kids’ teachers heard him give his witness. She came to me later and told me she bought a bumble bee charm as a symbol for one of his key points reminding people to “be nothing more than God created you to be.” Being a marketing guy, Greg loved the idea and the logo of Jorgé, the Bee was born. We had logo shirts made and later our own bee charm for everyone to have as that reminder.

With Greg’s honest and insightful personality, he has gone on to become an author, retreat leader, spiritual director, speaker, MC, and podcast host, which are all gifts he shares with visitors, guests, and retreatants who come for an experience at the Trilogy Retreat property.

We hope to meet you soon!

~Aimee Wasinski

*If you want to learn more about Let Me Be Ministries (LMBM Inc.) which owns the Trilogy Retreat property, visit


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