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Welcome to Trilogy. Make Yourself a Priority This Year!

If you’re setting goals, planning to be a healthier version of yourself, or desiring some kind of change as the new year begins, it might mean your heart is asking you to focus on some form of self-care. In order to accomplish what you need to do for yourself, you must plan to take time away to focus on just you. Trilogy is ready to help you reconnect – you never know what God is desiring to do in your life.

The story of Trilogy began with a vision/drawing labeled simply as “Reflection & Learning B&B.” Ministry founder (and my husband), Greg Wasinski , was feeling a constant tug from God to create a space where people could unplug from the world to retreat. However, Greg couldn’t put his finger on exactly what that was supposed to look like.

He decided to go on a silent retreat of his own for a few days, going deeper into prayer and opening himself up to seek clarity of what his vision meant. After he returned, Greg expounded on a dream he had of a place people could go to get away for a different type of retreat experience. He drew a map as he explained a dream and what he saw us doing someday. It would be a place that had “bed-in-breakfast” type amenities where we could serve people with the same focus as his Faith & Real Life – “Let Me Be…” Ministry: helping people find hope through faith.

Now, this was just a “dream.”

We never had any idea it would develop just a few short years later into a reality. The time during the pandemic showed us that now, more than ever, people really need a place of refuge and peace to sort out their thoughts about what’s most important in their lives; a place for introspection that offers people a chance to learn more about themselves; where couples can reconnect or families can grow closer to each other; a neutral location that organizations can gather to find ways to work more effectively together or ways they can serve others based on common values.